Couples Therapy

Kathy was trained in Couples Therapy at The Family Institute in Newton as well as at Cambridge Family Institute. She has seen many couples over the years.

Couples therapy begins with an assessment which allows each partner to express their thoughts and feelings and to identify problem areas. Kathy will ask about how each person sees the problems and learn about the history of the relationship. Often one person in the couple attempts to get the therapist to side with him or her against the other. Kathy is able to remain neutral and focuses on creating a safe space in which each member of the couple can share his or her concerns. She describes the process and helps people feel comfortable from the start. She will share her impression of the situation and treatment goals will be identified and agreed upon. Kathy will be an active participant throughout the therapy sessions, offering feedback and suggestions.

Common areas of focus are communication, parenting, infidelity, major life decisions and resolving conflicts. Kathy has seen many couples who are in the stage of life of raising young children. With the tremendous demands of today’s lifestyles, some couples find that parenting young children puts a lot of stress on the marriage because there is little time and energy to devote to themselves. In therapy we can redirect some attention towards allowing the partners to reconnect with each other and prioritize their relationship.

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